A B CHoofletters (capital letters)The beginning of a sentence and a name.
.Punt (full stop)At the end of a sentence (statement); Sometimes being used with abbreviations.
,Komma (comma)Naming several this, in between 2 verbs and before the conjunction ‘maar’ and ‘want’.
(  )Hakies (brackets)Giving more information.
?Vraagteken (question mark)At the end of a question.
!Uitroepteken (exlamation mark) at the end of calling out something and giving a command.
;Kommapunt (semi-colon)Naming several things regarding a topic by repeating the same type of sentence.
:Dubblepunt (colon)Naming things without repeating the same type of sentence, explanation follows and direct speech follows.
Aandagstreep (dash)Giving more information ( used in the place of brackets).
*Asterisk (asterisk)Explanation follows later.
Stippels/ ellips (ellipsis)To be continued
“ “Aanhalingstekens (inverted commas/ quotation marks)Direct speech and quotation
¨DeeltekenHelp to pronounce some words, don’t add them anywhere.
^KappieHelp to pronounce some words.
Afkappingsteken (apostrophe)Plural and diminutives of words that end in -i, -o and -u; plural for ending on emphasis -a; plural for abbreviations; plurals and diminutives for numbers; show that a sound is been left out
KoppeltekenToo many consonants; repetition of vowels; geographical names combined with directions; words with numbers or abbreviations

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