2 September-Editing and final version

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Planning, coherence, introduction and conclusion.Thorough planning; well developed and coherent with effective introduction and conclusion. Excellent use of paragraphing.Good planning, coherent, good introduction and conclusion.
Good use of paragraphing.
Some evidence of planning; poor coherence; poor introduction and conclusion. 
Poor paragraphing.
Little or no evidence of planning, poor coherence; no introduction and conclusion.
Little to no paragraphing (solid text).

Content (character development, objective detail; inclusion of relevant information that is original).Excellent development of original content; excellent use of objective detail; originality in approach to the topic.Good development of relevant content, good use of objective detail; systematic approach to the topic.Poor development of content, some irrelevant; lacks objective detail; topic handled systematically.Little or no relevant content, poorly developed; little or no objective detail; handling of the topic was inadequate.
Chronological order and sequencing of events.Events are sequenced chronologically; excellent use of connectors. Events are sequenced chronologically; good use of connectors.Poor sequencing of events; inconsistent use of connectors.Little to no sequencing of events; little to no use of connectors.
Language structure and usage; vocabulary.  Correct language structures, spelling and punctuation; broad, effective vocabulary; excellent language use (correct register, style.)Mostly correct language structures, spelling and punctuation; good use of vocabulary; few errors in language use. Use of appropriate language structures with some errors; some spelling and punctuation errors; mostly accurate vocabulary; some errors in language use.Many errors in language structures, spelling and punctuation. Poor vocabulary limits expression. Many errors in language use.

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