Thursday: 1 April

Please complete Mental Maths 36 in your Mental Maths booklet. Please complete the test called “Timetable Challenge 9”.

Patterns Remediation week 3

You are welcome to print out and complete these additional worksheets to practice your mathematics on Patterns. Here are all the memo’s including the booklet from the previous weeks.

12 February – Ratios

Starter: complete any outstanding marking or corrections from previous lessons. Main: Plenary: Let’s go over the answers. Mark work and do corrections in pencil. Send proof of completion of work and any questions you may have via email. Ensure that the image is clear and legible.

4 February – The Decimal System

Starter: (complete as much as you can at the back of your Math book) Main: we will be summarising the notes below and writing it in the front of our Math books. Optional: Plenary: what do you understand by a decimal comma and a decimal point? example: 64.3 and 64,3

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